Parents as Teachers

Parents as Teachers

Lilia Wanless, 2020 Parent Educator of the Year, Parents as Teachers (PAT) national program

In 2016 our Parents as Teachers affiliate won the Parents as Teachers National Loso Prize for Innovation for our collaborative and comprehensive work with the Monterey County Department of Social Services. With our numerous partnerships we have been able to reach thousands of Monterey County families in need of support.

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A Proven Solution that Starts at Home

Parents as Teachers is a family support, education, and counseling program. The program was founded on the belief that parents serve as a child’s first and most influential teachers, and that effective parenting during a child's early years builds a lasting foundation for success in school and life.

Founded on 25 years' worth of research and reinforced by many studies since, Parents as Teachers educates parents in their own homes and communities about child development, parenting practices and community resources.

Using a home visitation model and evidence based practice, parents receive the skills and education they need to help them become better parents.

Blue Ribbon Affiliation

Since October 1, 2021, Door to Hope is a Blue Ribbon Affiliate of the Parents as Teachers National Center, Inc., (PATNC), making it one of the top-performing home visiting affiliates within the PATNC’s international network. The Blue Ribbon Affiliate is the highest quality rating for a Parents As Teachers Program.

A Caring and Certified Staff

Our program staff consists of certified Parents as Teachers educators with the experience and expertise needed for successful results. The program is committed to seeing that all children learn, grow and reach their full potential.