Mentor Moms & Dads

Mentor Moms & Dads

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When parents lose custody of a child, it's a traumatic experience. They worry that the loss is forever. They tend to feel isolated and fearful of the welfare system and the courts. It seems like no one is on their side. But we are, and we can help.

Mentor Moms and Dads offers an important service for parents who have lost custody of their children, but have been offered services that might help regain them. Our program provides caring emotional support, advice and guidance as the legal process unfolds.

Often the parents have drug or alcohol problems and the mentors can serve as a valuable ally. Our mentors faced the same situation, before beginning recovery and being reunited with their children. They know first-hand how it feels, how the process works, and how to stay diligent on a path toward success.

Confidentiality, Trust and a Caring Collaboration

Mentor Moms and Dads represent a collaboration between Door to Hope and the Monterey County Department of Social Services. The program emphasizes trust and confidentiality between the parent and mentor.

Our carefully selected mentors usually are referred by judges, attorneys, social workers or other service providers. They must be clean and sober for two years and actively participating in a recovery program. A mentor candidate attends extensive mentor training and specialized training about drug-exposed and medically fragile children. They also undergo in-service training.

Mentors serve as advocates for the parents. Their role is to develop a positive relationship with the parent to support recovery and make reunification easier.