Foster & Adoptive Mentors

Foster & Adoptive Mentors


Our mentors are there to:

  • Answer questions
  • Help with transition issues and needs
  • Listen to frustrations
  • Provide assistance with bonding and attachment
  • Assist with visitation, court appearances, medical appointments and respite care
  • Help with special needs due to behavioral, psychological or physical problems

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The first parenting efforts to raise a foster child or a newly adopted child can produce an unexpected level of anxiety or stress. Even if the new parents feel up to the task, they often need additional support and assistance.

In a collaboration between the Monterey County Department of Social Services and Door to Hope, the Foster and Adoptive Parent Mentors program can help. Our mentors support new families who have taken on the challenge of fostering or adopting a child. The mentors help the household find stability, overcome isolation, gain hope, and achieve a safe transition for both child and the new family.

Our mentors are experienced foster and adoptive parents who have successfully welcomed children into their homes many times.

Our mentors also have extensive experience in caring for children with special needs, including medically fragile children, children with failure-to-thrive syndrome, and alcohol- and drug-exposed children. The mentors become invaluable resources for their knowledge and experience.

Carefully Selected and Trained in Compassion

We select our mentor candidates carefully and then give them the training they need. We also give them specialized training in helping drug-exposed and medically fragile children. After training, the mentors regularly attend in-service training that provides helpful information, including the best and most promising practices.

Here to Help

Our mentors are available when needed. We know that parenting is a round-the-clock job and that children’s needs can’t wait, so our mentors don’t quit at 5 o’clock or on weekends. These warm, understanding individuals are ready just to listen and provide guidance as needed.